Two Babies Are A Lot of Work

I'm at the ferry terminal going home. My mom came with me to help out. They're adorable but it's definitely been a busy last six months.



Before the babies, heck even before the hubby, I knew when I had kids I wanted to live in the same city as my parents. But life happens. I moved to Vancouver for school, got married, fell into a great job, and bought a house. We've settled nicely into our life on the mainland. Elle starts kindergarden in the fall. I go back to work in November, and already have child care for Rosie in place.

Every couple of years hubby and I consider the move back to Victoria. Lately, it's been a hot topic.

I've been staying at my parents place for the past week. As I type, Elle is outside with my parents sun bathing in the backyard. There's laugher, and chasing, and hide and seek. And I'm kind of sad that we're going home tomorrow.


Things I Don't Miss About Being Pregnant

I delivered our second daughter Rosalie 3 weeks ago, on November 7th. She was 3 days overdue. Not a huge deal in hindsight, but at the time it was 3 days too long. I had an acupuncture induction session the day before she was born to get things moving. I guess it worked.

She came fast, and furious. My first contraction was at 8:45am. I pushed her out at 12:45pm. There wasn't much time for drugs, great for baby, but not for mama. The labour was painful, but the whole time I kept thinking thank god I won't be pregnant anymore. 

This is the list of things I will not miss about being pregnant.
  • Waking up to pee three times a night.
  • Strangers looking at me and saying, "You're ready to pop, eh?".
  • Strangers telling me I was going to have a boy because of how high I was carrying baby.
  • Irregular bowel movements (like I need anything extra taking up space in my belly.)
  • Finding a new stretch mark on my stomach.
  • Having Braxton Hicks, and realizing that the car is parked farther than I thought.
  • Shaving my vagina by feel.
  • Being told to be patient, that the baby will come soon.
Of course I would do that all over again just to meet this little lady.


32 Weeks Pregnant

It's been a crazy few months. I have pregnancy brain, and haven't been able to focus much these days. Also, my almost 4 year old is incredibly demanding and really doesn't care if I get time to blog. That's the partial truth... I've actually turned into a Pinterest whore. Any free time I get on the computer I'm looking up the latest food, and home design Pins. It's sick, but I justify it by all the recipes I've made since joining Pinterest.

I often forget why I started blogging. I keep thinking that it doesn't really matter I'm not posting since no one is reading this. Then I realize I started blogging for me. To record milestones, to remember funny stories, and to practice my writing skills.

One day I will figure out how to link my blog to my instagram account. But until then, here are some pictures from the last few months.

23 Weeks Pregnant

Vacation on the Sunshine Coast, BC

Me and my mom in the refugee camp in Thailand.

A serious dancer.

Feeling sassy in August.

Her first dance class.


A Sister's Love

Last Friday we found out that our next baby is a girl. There was a moment of, "OK fine, it’s not a boy. We're not going have that perfect little nuclear family", but it was quickly replaced by, "Sweet all our baby stuff is girlie anyways". Wow sisters. Is there anything more beautiful in life than the relationship between two sisters? I have a sister. My mom is one of  6 sisters, and now my daughter will have a sister.

I love my sister. She will never  understand how much I love her. She rolls her eyes at me most of the time, because she thinks I’m mean to her, but really it’s tough love. I’m the older one, so I have an innate duty to take care of her, no matter what. I’m tough on her because she deserves to have her shit together, and I’m the only one that can force that on her. At the end of the day, she still has to love me.

My mom, and Auntie Chanthon have a similar relationship, though I'd say my mom, the younger sister is the mean one. Or maybe being the older sister, my auntie just lets her bratty younger sister have her way. They are exactly in the middle of the line of sisters. There are two older sisters before my mom, and auntie, and two younger sisters after them. They are the closest in age, and have followed similar paths.

Between 1975 and 1979 the Khmer Rouge ruled Cambodia. They were extreme Communists, who forced the entire country into agricultural concentration camps. By the end of their reign, one third of the population had either died from starvation, had been killed, or tortured to death. Some people stayed in Cambodia while the Vietnamese tried to stabilize the country. Many escaped to refugee camps along the Thai border.

My mom, and auntie were around 17, and 18 years old when they headed with a group of other Cambodians for the border. They had to constantly dodge cross fires between the Khmer Rouge and the Vietnamese. There were land mines. They walked for days on empty stomachs. They were driven by fear, and desperation. Did I mention how old my mom, and auntie were? 

Half way through the jungles of Cambodia my mom got malaria. She was very weak, and slowing the group down. My mom knew she was dying. The group told her that they had to abandon her. My auntie told them that her sister deserved to be buried properly. She would care for my mom until she passed away, bury her body, and then try to catch up with the group later. Traveling alone as a woman, she most likely wouldn't have made it back to the group. Regardless, the others left the two sisters.

Miraculously, after a few days in a field, hidden amongst the tall grass, with my auntie by her side, my mom recovered. She gained back her energy. Within days, my mom, and auntie caught up to the group.

I know how truly blessed I am that my sister and I, and my daughters, will never have to go through an experience like that. But it fills me with pride that this example of sisterhood exists in my family. 

My mom, and auntie aren't BFF's by any means, but there is a love and respect for your sister that you just can't create with anyone else. I'm really excited that my daughter will get to experience that. 



I'm Having a Dragon Baby

Hubby and I decided a while back, that 2012 was the year we were going to concentrate on adding to our family. My birthday was in January and I didn't want to limit my wine intake, so we decided to start in February. We got pregnant in February. It's a shock, and such a blessing that it happened for us right away.

We wanted to wait to tell everyone until the 3 month mark, but by 6 weeks I was already showing. Remember my 30 for 30 challenge that I quit? I was getting so big I couldn't do up my pants or skirts.

So I'm having baby due November 4th. The pregnancy has been hard, colds, flu, nausea, a bladder infection and just plain tiredness. My second pregnancy is way harder then my first. Of course, recently I realized that the first time I didn't have a 3 year old to chase after. Now I'm finally starting to feel good.

My only problem now is how can anybody be cuter than this?


I'm Quitting

I am quitting my 30 for 30 challenge. I know crazy shit, but I am too tired and I'm getting fat. I picked a bunch of pieces that I haven't worn in a while. I wanted to put them in my cycle, but the reason I haven't worn them in a while is that they don't f*cken fit.

I love all my crazy ideas about wearing a limited wardrobe, and not shopping for a year. CONFESSION TIME. I bought a something last week. I got a pair of designer jeans at Bluefly for $35. I'm going to still diet though. But what I really love is that I'm honest with myself. So I'm going to give myself a get out of jail free card and quit the challenge this round.

These are the outfits that I managed to record from last week. Notice that I forgot to get a picture for Day 6!

Skinny Jeans and Flats Day 7 Outfit

Ankle Boots and Midi Skirt Day 5 Outfit

BCBG Dress Day 8 Outfit

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